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Good detective work !
Making Jam!
Making Slime!
Messy hands!
Getting creative!
Beautiful boxes!
Muddy kitchen!
Magic Spells!
Making pizzas!
Making pizzas!
Bocketts farm!
Ribbon dancing on the field!
Feeding the sheep!
Waiting for fun on the bouncy pillow
Next stop Kidsclub!
Marble run!
Marble run!
Making lemon curd!
The finished product!
Writing about our Prime Minister!
Hedgehog clay !
Building dens!
Bug hotel drawings!
Seeing the lambs at Bocketts farm!
Beautiful art!
Bocketts Farm trip!
Juniper hall trip!
Trip to Juniper Hall!
Kidsclub garden!
Yummy mud pie!
Talks with the local police!
Visit from the local police!
Mini garden craft !
Mini garden craft!
Sunflower from our Kidsclub garden!
Kidsclub bug hotel!
Kidsclub bug hotel!
Making of the bug hotel!
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Mini garden craft !